The A-Team - meet the people who make everything work at Cordtsen Design Architecture.

Spencer Cordtsen McCombe, AIA, Architect, LEED AP


Spencer moved to Rhode Island to attend Roger Williams University where he received his Bachelor of Architecture. After 4 years of internship with an architecture firm in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. He has been practicing architecture in Rhode Island since 1996, with Newport Collaborative Architects and began Cordtsen Design Architecture in Newport in 2009. He is currently a registered architect in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts and he is a member AIA and NCARB.

Facts about Spencer:

  • Born and Raised: Pewaukee, Wisconsin

  • Favorite Local Building: Wild Acre on Ocean Drive in Newport

  • Favorite Architect: James Cutler

  • Community Projects: RI East Bay Habitat for Humanity; Newport Boys & Girls Club Build Committee

  • Favorite Place in RI: First Beach Newport for Volleyball Tournaments

  • 1 thing that would surprise people: "I was expelled from 2 preschools when I was three and four years old"

  • His weirdest job: Carnival worker for company picnics and parties

  • Where he'd like to explore: Patagonia and Argentina

Jason T. Grover, AIA, CNU-A

Project Architect

Jay has over 16 years of experience in all aspects of the architectural practice. He received his B Arch in 1997 from Roger Williams University. He is a registered Architect in Rhode Island and an accredited member of the Congress for New Urbanism. Jay recently spent 2 years living abroad in Santiago, Chile with his family, soaking in his wife's culture and country.

Facts about Jay:

  • Born in Van Nuys, California - Raised in Connecticut and Maine

  • Family: He has a twin sister and a brother who is eight years older

  • Where he's lived: California, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island and recently 20 months in Santiago, Chile

  • Jobs he's held: William D Warner Architects & Planners (1998-2001); Newport Collaborative Architects (2001-2008); Robinson Design INC (2009-2010); Independent Architectural Consultant in Santiago, Chile (2010-2012)

  • Passions: Ever evolving movement of 'New Urbanism' Bring back walkable communities. See his thoughts here.

  • How he spends his free time: In recent years, with his wife and two young boys, a new adventure is always around the corner

  • Favorite Music Artist: The timeless music of James Taylor

  • Favorite TV Show: Amazing Race (He and his young son are already training and strategizing so look for them on Season 56)

Brian Shull, AIA, LEED AP BD&C, AWI Certified

Project Architect

After 10 years as a remodeling contractor, Brian attended Roger Williams University where he received his Bachelor of Architecture in 1997.  He has worked for a variety of architectural firms which has provided a wide range of experience with high-end residential, schools, libraries and DEM projects.  He has been a registered Architect in Rhode Island since 2000.  He is currently a member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects), as well as, a LEED AP BD&C (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Building Design& Construction, Accredited Professional.)  In addition, he is also AWI Certified (Architectural Woodwork Institute.)

Facts about Brian:

  • Born: Hawaii

  • Family: Two younger sisters

  • Where he's Lived: Hawaii, Connecticut, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Spain and Washington State

  • Jobs he's held: Window Manufacturer, Sunroom Installer, Remodeling Contractor and Millwork Shop

  • What attracted him to Architecture: The ability to design spaces that people can interact with

  • His favorite design style: Shingle Style

  • Favorite Architect: Santiago Calatrava for his organic, futuristic designs

  • Community Service: Habitat for Humanity

  • 1 thing that would surprise people: He listens to hard rap and heavy metal music daily

  • Hypothetical Scenario: If Warren Buffet were to give him a million dollars to start a business, he would start a Special Effects Studio for Film

  • Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction

  • Favorite kind of car: Italian Sports Cars

  • Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad

Raymond Goddard

Project Manager

Ray holds a Bachelors of Political Science & Philosophy from the University of Rhode Island as well as a Master of Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design. His list of past careers includes light aircraft flight instructor, wooden yacht restoration, carpenter and assistant brew master.

Facts about Ray:

  • Born & Raised: Newport, Rhode Island

  • Family: Second of five children (brothers)

  • Where he's lived: Arizona, Florida and Australia

  • Favorite Architect: Santiago Calatrava

  • Favorite Place in RI: Narragansett Bay

  • Places Visited: Australia, Fiji, Tahiti, Columbia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Venezuela, New Zealand, Switzerland, Egypt, Tonga...

  • Color vs. Black & White Movies: Black and White

  • Favorite Food: Bacon

  • Favorite Piece of Art: Pieta

Jared Weaver

Architectural Designer

Jared received his Bachelor of Architecture as well as his Master of Community Planning from Auburn University in 2011. He is studying and working towards receiving his credentials as a registered architect in the state of Rhode Island. 

Facts about Jared:

  • Born and Raised: Born in Charleston, South Carolina - raised in North Kingstown, RI

  • Describes himself as: Energetic, likable and romantic

  • Favorite place in RI: The Cliff Walk in Newport

  • His Strengths: Being able to talk to anyone

  • His Weaknesses: Keeping quiet

  • Places Visited: Rome, Italy, Edinburgh, Scotland, Hamburg & Berlin, Germany, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium among others

  • Last movie he watched: American Sniper

  • Last book he read: On Becoming Baby Wise, Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep

  • How he spends his free time: With friends or enjoying a new hobby like biking, gardening or furniture making

  • Color vs. Black & White Movies: Color

  • Night Owl vs. Early Bird: Night Owl but working on the Early Bird thing

  • Item he never leaves home without: iPhone

  • Favorite Museum: The Vatican Museum

D. M. Duffy Folmar

Duffy earned her Associate degree in Drafting and Design Technology from Lurleen B. Wallace State Junior College in Alabama. Her list of past careers includes retail assistant manager and manager, clock repair assistant, drafter, AmeriCorps volunteer and youth center assistant.

Facts about Duffy:

  • Born & Raised: Born in Key West, Florida and raised in Florida, Connecticut and Rhode Island

  • Family: Youngest of four with two older brothers and an older sister

  • Community Service: Fundraising for Waterfront Rescue Mission in Gulf Breeze, Florida; Christmas Gift and Backpack Program for foster children in Pensacola, Florida

  • 1 thing that would surprise people: Bungee cord jumping

  • Where she'd like to explore: Switzerland! And the rest of Europe

  • If she could learn any languages, they would be: Romansch, Italian, German, French, Gaelic, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic

  • Most thankful for: Her son, Jacob

  • Night Owl vs. Early Bird: Early bird

  • Favorite Movie: It's A Wonderful Life

  • Favorite piece of art: Two pieces - Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' and Maxfield Parrish's 'Ecstasy'